Introducing Our Studios

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Why do we own our
own studio?

When we first launched Clik Productions and were hiring studios for our clients, we just couldn’t find a facility that offered everything we were looking for. We were used to the level of automation and sophistication of a broadcast studio – but back then you had two choices, a big film studio with little in the way of installed quality kit or a broadcast studio that was too small to make anything beyond a small 3 camera show.

The Location

It was for that reason that Clik Productions decided to build their first studio. We are in a prime location in Oxford Circus – just off Market Place with its busy cafes and bars.
And as well as being a fully robotic studio space, the facility was one of the first in The UK to be truly able to call itself a 4K studio. We have 3 main studios that we use daily, in addition to smaller versatile spaces – plus Green rooms and make-up rooms as needed.

TV Formats

We are equally comfortable executing location shoots and outside broadcasts, but if a client brief needs a studio, we are able to offer very high quality and innovative formats that are simply unavailable elsewhere, at very cost effective costs.

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